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Kaydee Baby Bandana Bibs (Holiday) 4 Pack Gift Set

Protect your Babies cute outfits from Drool and Dribble While Maintaining Style Once and For All!

The Cutest and Best Baby Bib to Protect the investment of Your Stylish Baby Clothes

- Perfect fit to protect clothes while also maintain comfort and style!
- Soaks up Drool and Dribble from Teething and Messy Babies, keeping it off the Cloths!
- Added accessory to their already cute wardrobe. Your Baby will stand out in Style!
- Comfortable to be worn anywhere around town allowing your Baby to play freely!
- High Quality custom stitching made for wear and tear.

What Makes Kaydee Baby Bibs Different!

Being new parents of a twin boy and girl has given us a unique perspective on how to be efficient with our time and money while also maintaining a fresh look for our babies. We don't have the time or budget to continue buy and pack more clothes. This is why we have partnered with a quality manufacturer, taking great care in producing high-end stylish bibs with maximum absorbancy to balance fashion and protect our investment.

Kaydee Baby Bibs Offer the Following:

- 100% cotton with a fleece backing allowing for maximum absorbancy to protect their clothes.
- Easy to snap on with 2 snaps to adjust to growing baby.
- Super comfortable to allow baby to move and play freely.
- Excellent accessory to any cute outfit.
- Unique and Hip Patterns make your baby stand out.

100% Guarantee

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