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Bumworks Premium Cloth Diaper Toilet Sprayer Kit - Sturdy Brass Chrome Hand Held Bidet with Adjustable Water Pressure Nozzle, Metal Hose, T-Valve, and Mounting Clip Attachment Adapter - Toilet Bowl and Shower Cleaner

Make Cloth Diaper Cleanup a Breeze with Our Powerful, Quality Manufactured, Toilet Bowl Sprayer!

The Most Powerful Cloth Diaper Sprayer on the Market! No Leaking or Breaking! Made with Quality Parts!

- Attractive Chrome Brass Bidet Shattaf! - High Pressure Nozzle Sprays Off Soiled Diapers keeping your Hands Clean and Out of the Toilet!

What Makes Bumworks Diaper Sprayer Different! Being new parents of a twin boy and girl has given us a unique perspective on how to be efficient with our time and money. We tackled the daunting task of using cloth diapers on twin babies! At first, we did not know about Cloth Diaper Sprayers and rinsed the diapers in the toilet by hand. Gross and time consuming! We tested many of the name brand products on the market and while they did help, they were always faulty and leaky. We decided to partner with a high quality manufacturer who has taken great care to produce a high quality product.

Bumworks Cloth Diaper Sprayer Offers the Following:

- Brass Bidet with a beautiful chrome finish. - Easy to install Metal Hose, T-Valve and Mounting Clip. - Comfortable Grip makes spraying quick and easy. - Can also be used on shower if it is near the toilet.

100% Guarantee
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