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NEW: Kaydee Baby Canvas Wet Bag

June 17, 2017

NEW: Kaydee Baby Canvas Wet Bag

We've got a brand new Kaydee Baby product! Our waterproof canvas wet bag is a great addition to our lineup -- and your diaper bag or car supplies. If you’re out and encounter an unexpected wet diaper, blanket, clothing item, or blanket, you know the scramble to find something to contain the mess! With a wet bag, you can pop whatever you need inside and toss it in your diaper backpack! Nothing else will get damp.

Our black and white striped wet bag features an outer mesh pocket (for dry supplies, wipes, etc.) and a strap for hanging across stroller bars or on your arm. The waterproof lining is double-stitched, soft and pliable. (It won’t degrade like a hard plastic liner.) The 15” by 12” size is perfectly portable. Easily store six or more cloth diapers or several baby outfits in our wet bag. It’s so handy when you have to change an outfit!

On sale now on Amazon and for just $14.95.