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Meet Our Spring 2017 Brand Reps!

January 20, 2017

Meet Our Spring 2017 Brand Reps!

After sorting through all the amazing entrants on Instagram, we have new Kaydee Baby brand reps! Thanks so much to our adorable followers for participating in our @kaydeebabyproducts search, it was so, so difficult to choose just four! We're also so appreciative of our 2016 reps, who did an incredible job and are just the cutest. Thanks for a job well done, @loveyouforeverly, @kaeceeseverance, @callan_and_sawyer, and @jaimemichelle!

Without further ado, we present the spring 2017 Kaydee Baby reps:

Ivy -- @ivydaily

Jace -- @jacevandang

Emrie -- @scarlett.and.emrie

Xan -- @entropyandreverie

These cuties will be showing off Kaydee gear for the next few months, we hope you enjoy! We'll be launching fun new products and we're so excited to have our spring brand reps try them out! What new items would you like to see us make?