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Cloth Diapering Basics: What You Need

August 14, 2017

Cloth Diapering Basics: What You Need

So you want to cloth diaper. It's positive for the environment, nice for your baby's sensitive skin, and cost-effective for you. Great choice! Now what do you need to get started?

First of course, you need the cloth diapers themselves. Kaydee Baby makes quality reusable diapers that come in cool prints, like gray arrows. Experts recommend that you start with a dozen diapers. Remember: newborns use 10-12 diapers per day!

Our diapers have pockets that fit absorbent inserts, like our bamboo cloth diaper inserts. These soft, naturally antibacterial inserts resist stains.

Now that you have diapers and inserts, you need a good sprayer. The sprayer helps quickly and efficiently clean soiled diapers. Luckily, Kaydee Baby makes that too! Our Bumworks Diaper Sprayer connects to standard toilets so it's at the ready whenever you need it. The brass sprayer is easy to install.

You'll also need a diaper pail for storing the diapers. The Diaper Dekor Plus (shown here) and the Ubbi are popular choices with cloth diapering families.

Then you'll need wipes. You can make your own cloth wipes, buy cloth wipes, or use disposables.

When you're out and about, you'll need a bag to bring those wet diapers back home with you. The Kaydee Baby canvas wet bag does the trick!

Now that you've got all the tools, you're set to cloth diaper!