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The multi-use canopy: we have you covered!

December 09, 2016

The multi-use canopy: we have you covered!

What is this thing? It's our multi-use canopy! Use the stretchy fabric cover over a car seat, for nursing privacy, or on a high chair or shopping cart. Wherever you need shade, protection, comfort, or cleanliness for your little one, we have you covered!

These flexible, multi-use covers are so practical, and now you can get one in our trendy Kaydee Baby black and white prints! They're available in either feather or triangle.

The canopy is made from a high-quality viscose, which allows it to stretch over a car seat (or over you, if you need some privacy breastfeeding). When your babe is tiny, you'll want a bit of protection when they're out and about in the car seat or carrier. People wanting to touch or talk to the baby, sun, wind, or other irritants could wake or infect them. A lightweight cotton cover is a great solution.